Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey, have you read the March edition of Around the Creek ?

A few things caught my eye, the first being --- the Editors Review --- after reading this well written article, I realized that it would be a waste of my time reading the rest of the newsletter, except for the advertising of course.

Then there was the realization that my rejected letter had been read and had prompted our leaders to publish some information, even though it was old and badly out of date.

Something else that caught my attention was that, in the future All Visitors Must Wear I.D. Tags "Way to Go" the tagging programs of the past have worked so well.

Terry Holbrey

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi Everyone,
Here as promised is a copy of the article that I submitted for publication in the March 2010 issue of the Around the Creek.

Thoughts on the upcoming WCHA election

The 2010 election will be one of the most crucial elections in WCHA history.

The reason is, that the people we elect this time will be our official representatives during the period leading up-to the actual start and completion of the FINAL stage, in the development of Wilmot Creek.

The development and planning (to date) has been conducted solely by the developer, (along with the Clarington planning department) with virtually
no input, oversight, or involvement from our WCHA (what happened to the Planning Committee?).

Very limited information has been forthcoming from the developer, and the information that has been made public has been very broad in nature, with a minimum amount of detail.

Many questions spring to mind that should have been answered by now.
For example: The handling and impact of sewage disposal (a current topic of concern) in light of the recent problem in the Wheelhouse.
The efficient provision of water for drinking and fire fighting, along with a dependable electricity supply, to name just a few.
Then of course there is the big question of how our social activities will be affected (the North vs South syndrome) for example.

We must elect people that will – actively – effectively – and persistently, press the developer to allow this involvement and participation, before it’s
to late.
They must also commit to keeping us (the residents) fully informed as the development process evolves.

We cannot afford to let the developer alone, decide the fate of our home. We owe it to ourselves to become involved in a serious manner.

With these thoughts in mind, please give serious thought to who we select to run for office, and who you think will best represent the communities wishes.

It’s not yet “too late” but we are running out of time.

Terry Holbrey. 7th February 2010.A

My First And Opening Blog

Fellow Wilmot Creek Residents.

My motivation to start blogging is quite simple, I want to help provide an arena where everyone can submit an un-edited opinion (open and for public scrutiny) on the politics and happenings here in this place we love to call home.

My next blog will be in the form of a copy of a letter that I submitted for publication in the March 1010 Around the Creek newsletter.

This letter was not accepted for publication. The editor stated that he had some issues with the content.

He stated that, after making inquiries of his own, he found that my comments were essentially wrong. He also suggested that if my article were to be published it may scare people away from running for office!.

He did however suggest that if I were to rewrite the article in a more positive manner and with his suggestions in mind, that publication may be possible.

Naturally, I could not bring myself to follow that advice. To do so would make the article no longer my own, but that of someone else.
Which would defeat the object of my writing the article in the first place.

Please read the article in my next blog and let me know what your opinion is, whether
it is positive or negative.

Terry Holbrey.